Quick Take:

As a non-profit operating during a pandemic, the MAH is relying on gifts from the community now more than ever.

Your generosity helps the museum remain resilient in these uncertain times and continue delivering experiences that inspire and empower our community. Below you’ll find our top 5 reasons to make a contribution and support the MAH this holiday season. And you can read our full Case for Support here.

1. You’re supporting a small, local nonprofit that works to strengthen our community by using art and history to connect, captivate, delight, heal, and inspire.

chalk drawings on ground
Credit: Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

At the MAH we strive to create a space for each and every one of you—whether you have chosen to take on the mantle of social justice, hope to learn about regional history, or simply appreciate a transformative piece of art.

By highlighting the unexpected connections between the people, stories, traditions, and art of Santa Cruz County we work to bring people together in a way that is meaningful and exciting.

2. You can create more space for community connections and collaborations.

Motion Pacific hosting classes in our Secret Garden while they're indoor studio is closed.
Motion Pacific Credit: Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Collaboration is fundamental to everything we do. Thanks to your support, we can share our space, produce co-created exhibitions, experiences, and programming with local organizations, artists, and groups across the county.

3. Support new exhibitions that inspire diverse audiences to engage deeply with art and Santa Cruz County history.

Redball Project
Redball Project Credit: Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

This year we were proud to bring you exhibitions both online and onsite. Next year, we will continue our rotating exhibitions with commissioned, co-created, and presented works by local, national, and international artists, as well as showcase artwork and objects from our collection.

See what exhibitions are opening in 2021 here.

4. Support our vision of an accessible, meaningful, and inclusive museum experience.

people in front of mural
Credit: Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

We believe that every person has a right to engage with creative and educational experiences. This is why we create programming that caters to everyone from our most dedicated museum visitor to the person who takes part in a pop-up MAH experience in their own neighborhood. A welcoming and inclusive museum experience is something we can all get behind and together we can make this vision a reality.

5. Celebrate our 25th Anniversary

25th mah anniversary logo
Credit: Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

In 2021, the MAH turns 25! We look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary with a host of events, exhibitions, and programs in the new year.

Together, over the last 25 years, we’ve built this museum and created a thriving central gathering place for all. Join us in building tomorrow’s MAH by making a donation to support the Museum through the next 25 years.