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Hello there, readers! It’s Thursday, Aug. 11, and the forecast for Santa Cruz County is again a sunny one, with highs from the 90s to the 70s.

Sounds like a great day to hit the beach, right? If you’re the sporty type, maybe you’ve run across Lizzy Fowler, whose beach volleyball classes and beloved No Attitudes tournaments are an institution on Main Beach — and Blaire Hobbs caught up with her for a Q&A.

And school might have just started, but Santa Cruz High senior Maren Detlefs already doesn’t want it to end. You’ll want to read their Community Voices opinion piece on feeling cheated by the pandemic and making the most of what’s left.

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No Attitudes Allowed: Lizzy Fowler keeps beach volleyball fun, without the edge

Lizzy Fowler at the volleyball courts at Main Beach

Lizzy Fowler‘s classes have attracted veterans and newcomers alike, with players forging bonds that extend off the court. And the No. 1 rule for her popular monthly tournaments at Santa Cruz’s Main Beach? Go hard, have fun doing it. Blaire Hobbs has a Q&A.

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I don’t want high school to end; the pandemic cheated me out of two years

Maren Detlefs entered Santa Cruz High as a senior on Wednesday.

Maren Detlefs started Santa Cruz High School as a senior Wednesday and already doesn’t want high school to end. Maren is excited for college, they write in a Community Voices op-ed, but feels cheated by the pandemic and wants to milk this final year for all the experiences they lost since COVID-19 hit in 2020. Maren is technical director in the school’s theater program and describes how the chaos backstage, the long weeks hot-gluing sets together and the roar of the audience at a final performance offers a sense of belonging the actors will miss dearly when high school ends. Read Maren’s full opinion piece here.

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