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To the editor:

I applaud the recent op-ed written by a collective of Santa Cruz County organizations united to fight hate.

Although I see no climate organizations signing on to the letter, speaking for the Santa Cruz chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, we would have been proud to sign.

Misinformation, fear and hatred is the recipe for disrupting our collective efforts to deliver future generations a livable planet. The same tactics that Moms for Liberty and similar hate groups use to other and dominate LGBTQ+ communities are deployed by the fossil fuel industry and über-wealthy corporate operatives to other and dismiss the rest of us who are increasingly challenged to secure enough well-being for a life with dignity.

The irony is that a collapsing climate will eventually take us all down, though not equally quickly (people in the Marshall Islands and Banuba island in Kiribati are screaming for help right now, as the seas cover their homelands). We can’t afford to be othering each other in a crisis of this magnitude. LGBTQ+ people of color, hourly wage-earners, differently abled persons, all of us need a habitable planet — even those Moms for Liberty. We can’t do this heavy lift without everyone pitching in.

Lynda Marin
Santa Cruz