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Hello, friends, and happy Friday. Before we dive into weekend mode, there were plenty of developments to unpack in the COVID/vaccine world today. Such as:

➤ Sutter gave props to the county for helping fill in supply chain gaps and said no second-dose appointments were canceled here — even though we continue to have patients tell us otherwise.
➤ The Boardwalk could open partially by April 1 but appears to be sizing up the situation before setting a plan.
➤ Indoor sports got a quasi-blessing by the state, but coaches, athletic directors and other school administrators are still trying to figure out what that means.

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To the headlines …

Sutter says it got a nice assist from the county, missed doses avoided

Syringes at the Marin County Vaccination Point of Dispensary
READ THE SERIES: CZU — One Year Later Credit: Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz

VACCINE WATCH: After days of confusion among Sutter patients in Santa Cruz County, the health system finally said no second-dose vaccine appointments here were canceled in the county because the public health department stepped in to help. We have those details here. But we also continue to hear from some Sutter/PAMF patients who say they’ve been left in a second-dose bind by the situation and aren’t sure what to do. (See the question from Marsha B below)

Boardwalk will take its time sorting out re-opening path

Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz

COVID TODAY: The new guidance on amusement parks came out Friday, but that won’t be pushing the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk into immediate action. It appears that it could reopen at 15% capacity by April 1, but spokesperson Kris Reyes told Lookout they plan to study up on the new guidance before making any firm plans. Here’s an outline by our LA Times content partner on what this means for activities across the state.

➤ For a look at what the Boardwalk already has open, including some games, attractions and eateries, go here.

Indoor sports possible, but what’s in the fine print?

Will hoops be played indoors this spring?
Will hoops be played indoors this spring? Credit: Via Pixabay

PANDEMIC LIFE: I heard from still-confused coaches and athletic directors on Friday about the new youth sports guidance handed down by the California Department of Public Health late Thursday. Whether it truly opens the gymnasium doors up for basketball and other indoor sports won’t be known immediately — but it’s clear that much testing would have to be involved. Confusion on the ever-changing is the norm statewide, though, as this story by our LA Times content partner spells out.

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ASK LOOKOUT: We answer your questions . . .

Q: My second dose was scheduled for 2/23 and cancelled. I call Sutter’s number twice everyday and am told all Sutter sites are closed. I’m 79 with COPD. I have until next Tuesday to hit the six-week date. What do I do? — Marsha B

A: So sorry to hear this, Marsha. It must be very scary. The answer might be CVS, which will provide an option to schedule second doses only. Go here and please check back with us and let us know how it goes.

Q: Where in Santa Cruz county can I find the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? — Virginia E

A: There’s no way to go looking for a specific vaccine, unfortunately. You will just have to see where you can get an appointment and see which vaccine they are offering. We know 1,300 doses arrived to the county’s health department Thursday but we don’t know how doses — if any — arrived to the MCEs.

Q: I live in Santa Cruz County and provide child care to my grandchildren who live in Marin county. Am I eligible to receive the vaccine? — Christine B

A: The county is helping facilitate vaccines for all childcare providers. Call Diane Munoz, Childhood Advisory Council Coordinator at (831) 466-5822

Have a question for us to try and get answered? Submit it here or just reply to this email.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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