Hey, folks: It’s a Happy Covid 2021 Event Night here at Lookout and I’m super excited to see how much smarter I get on a topic that’s been vexing all of us for far too long now.

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Active cases continue to fall; Moderna un-paused

A healthcare worker holds a tray full of COVID-19 vaccine doses at Dignity Health in Santa Cruz County on Jan. 21, 2021.
Credit: Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz

COVID TODAY: It was good news/bad news Thursday on the vaccine front: While the California Department of Public Health officially announced that the Moderna vaccine lot that had been on “pause” was safe for distribution, state epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan predicted that with the current pace of distribution it could take months to vaccinate the 65 and older population.

While seven new county deaths were reported Thursday, active cases of COVID-19 continued to decline, dropping from 2,753 yesterday to 2,637. Cases are re-classified from “active” to “recovered” after 21 days. The falling numbers mean more people are recovering than are being diagnosed.

Covid data


‘It’s changed who I am’: The life of a nurse in the pandemic

Kirsten Palmquist, an emergency room nurse and clinical education coordinator at Dominican Hospital.
Dominican Hospital nurse Kirsten Palmquist Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz

The pandemic has taken a toll on Dominican Hospital ER nurse Kirsten Palmquist and her family. Long days. Endless streams of patients. Surges on top of surges. But she is steadfast in her commitment to her calling.


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