Hello, everyone, there is no shortage of vaccine-related information today — which is something that has never been uttered in this space before — and it’s topping our most robust COVID PM newsletter ever. Let’s get right to the intriguing headlines:

Santa Cruz County officials & others: ‘Enough already’

Vaccine decisions.
Vaccine decisions. Credit: Via Pixabay

EXCLUSIVE: The public health chiefs of eight Bay Area counties, including Santa Cruz County, decried the scarcity of COVID-19 vaccines in a joint statement on the same day we’re learning that state officials have delivered on their promise of a statewide vaccine dashboard — one that shows that 30,000-plus vaccine doses have been distributed throughout Santa Cruz County. Our Tulsi Kamath and Mallory Pickett connect the dots on these big events here.

What will Oakland site mean for Santa Cruz?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom
California Gov. Gavin Newsom Credit: LA Times

COVID TODAY: Gov. Gavin Newsom announced two new vaccination clinics today, in a partnership between the state and the federal government. The sites, located in Los Angeles and Oakland, will be staffed mostly by federal workers from FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services. The Oakland site will be located at the Oakland Coliseum, and there are no residency or insurance requirements, meaning any Santa Cruz County residents currently eligible for vaccination can go there . . . but there’s a hitch. More details from Mallory Pickett about that here.

Farmworkers get started with vaccine

An agricultural worker gets vaccinated in Watsonville on Wednesday.
An agricultural worker gets vaccinated in Watsonville on Wednesday. Credit: Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz

VACCINE WATCH: 500 agricultural workers from the county took advantage of a joint vaccination effort at Casserly Grange Hall in Watsonville. It left local officials optimistic after seeing how many signed up quickly and that there were “thousands more” that expressed interest. More coverage on that here.

COVID’s effects on the Pajaro Valley

COVID SOUTH COUNTY: What are the long-term effects of the pandemic and the virus on the Latinx community in South County? What are the challenges of vaccinating farmworkers? Did pre-existing inequities result in South County being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and the pandemic? Here’s what two local experts had to say recently.

Sweet, sweet distraction

Enzo's delicious treats await.
Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz

COVID ECONOMY: People kept telling Crescenzo Pelliccia, aka Chef Enzo, that Santa Cruz was no Los Gatos. But the Italian who has grown to love his adopted beach town wasn’t about to look at us like a commoner’s dessert paradise, a place that wouldn’t support his “sugart” during a pandemic. “Why do I have to keep it simple? Let’s give the people of Santa Cruz the freedom to decide if something’s too fancy. Now, it’s a bet. I might fail miserably. I might succeed. But I want to try.” Wallace Baine got the fun, sugary assignment.

More from here & elsewhere

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