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Hey, everybody, it will be an eventful week in the world of COVID/vaccine news. Here’s what we know so far …

16-AND-UP IN PROCESS: Thursday the hunt for vaccine becomes real for anyone 16 and older in California. Some areas around the state are already getting a jump on it.
SPRING SURGE? As COVID rates soar in other parts of the country, what’s helping prevent a potential fourth wave here in California might surprise you.
THE GRAND REOPENING: As the Boardwalk and the local tourism industry awaken from their slumber, we’ll talk to some key local experts about that process Wednesday night.

And now to the headlines…

Many areas already vaccinating 16+; Santa Cruz joins mix Thursday

Artim Aghakhani receives a Johnson & Johnson inoculation
Artim Aghakhani receives a COVID-19 shot in Lincoln Park on Tuesday. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

VACCINE WATCH: California is set to make all residents 16 and older eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday — and that remains the timeline here in Santa Cruz County. But many vaccination sites are not waiting until then. This past weekend, Los Angeles joined the growing list of areas allowing people 16 and over to sign up for vaccinations. The changes come as more vaccine supply is coming to California. But there are also concerns about a potential shortage of Johnson & Johnson in the weeks ahead. Our LA Times partners explore that situation here & check out our local progress below.


More vaccine news


The vaccine gender gap: More women than men are getting COVID shots (Santa Cruz numbers above): (Kaiser Health News)
One shot of vaccine may be enough for COVID-19 survivors, studies suggest: (LA Times)
Fauci talks about what he is comfortable doing now that he’s fully vaccinated (CNN)

What might prevent a West Coast spring surge?

A Los Angeles hospital's COVID treatment area
Credit: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

COVID TODAY: With coronavirus cases and related hospitalizations climbing nationwide, is California also headed for a fourth wave in the COVID-19 pandemic? Oddly enough one factor that may be helping California — for reasons not fully understood — is the presence of the California variant. Our LA Times partners explain more here.

More from here & elsewhere

California lifts COVID-19 limits on indoor worship services (SF Gate)
U.K. variant isn’t linked to more severe disease or death, study finds (NBC News)
COBRA is free for six months under the COVID relief bill. Do you qualify? (LA Times)
Foreign interference in Canada hitting Cold War levels thanks to Covid-19, says spy agency (CNN)
Poll Finds Republicans Particularly Opposed To ‘Vaccine Passport’ Messaging (NPR)
CDC says Michigan not likely to get extra vaccine to combat surge (USA Today)
Tweaked COVID vaccines in testing aim to fend off variants (ABC News)
In rare instances, South Africa variant may evade Pfizer vaccine, researchers say (ABC News)

Wednesday’s the big night

Santa Cruz Is Open event.
Credit: Event Santa Cruz

In the next free event in Lookout’s COVID 2021 series, we explore how local tourism, amusement, museum and other reopenings are shaping up — and what that means for you, your family and the region’s economy.

WHEN: Wednesday at 6 p.m.
WHO: We will talk to Visit Santa Cruz County Communications Director Christina Glynn, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk communications chief Kris Reyes, Coast Redwoods Hospitality CEO Bijal Patel and Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History Executive Director Robb Woulfe.
REGISTER: Sign up now for this free Zoom event

Please do sign up and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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