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Meet Becca Davis, founder of SCG Fitness.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Davis has worked in fitness for most of her life, but never as a gym owner. That was until October 2021, with the ribbon cutting of SCG Fitness.

Becca Davis, founder and owner of SCG Fitness
Becca Davis, founder and owner of SCG Fitness Credit: SCG Fitness

A regular participant of CrossFit, she saw facets of the business model and methodology that she admired and wanted to combine with her penchant for holistic health and building community.

Located next to Companion Bakery on the Westside of Santa Cruz off of Mission Street, SCG Fitness is in a league of their own offering both an open gym, studio style experience as well as the team-building, high intensity group classes including CrossFit, ConnectFit (their own spin on a HIIT style class for all levels), and more.

“We’re being very intentional about our culture, environment and the way we support people to become the best versions of themselves. My hope is that our community will gain knowledge and values that they can employ inside and outside of the gym. I feel like I’m a better leader, a better mom, and a better friend because of the work I’ve put into my mental and physical growth and want to help others achieve the same.”

— Becca Davis, Founder & Owner of SCG Fitness

Upon entering, you’re met with some conventional workout gear, such as elliptical machines, treadmills, bands, dumbbells, the works. “Because we’re a hybrid between a standard and CrossFit gym, it was important to me that we provided equipment that a typical gym-goer would recognize and use,” says Becca Davis, founder & owner of SCG Fitness.

SCG’s model boasts a cooperative onboarding process including free trial classes and one-on-one specialized training to provide members with every bit of support that they might need… hence the name SCG, which stands for “Support, Connect, Grow”.

“I think what’s also cool about the community is that you can be at any point of your fitness & health journey and you belong. You can be injured, out of shape, and completely new to CrossFit-type workouts, or you can be a seasoned CrossFiter in the best shape of your life. No matter, you’ll be challenged & encouraged to get stronger.” — Rachel Endsley, Member at SCG Fitness

Membership is split into three levels, all on month-to-month terms with options including drop-in gym sessions, group classes, personal training and access to their in-house mindset and nutrition coaches.

The four pillars of SCG Fitness: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery.
The four pillars of SCG Fitness: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery. Credit: SCG Fitness

A departure from many traditional gyms, SCG Fitness recognizes the significance of mental health, deeming it just as important to one’s fitness journey as physical health. “We provide a daily GROWth Tip that encourages class participants to think about their thoughts and breathing during the workout and identify how these may or may not be helpful to their physical performance. If your mind is holding you back, you’re gonna have a tough time getting your body to do what it’s truly capable of,” Davis says. “I’m constantly amazed at how receptive and open folks have been to go down this path with us.”

SCG also leans into the importance of nutrition by helping break down certain dietary habits and social behaviors that might be impeding their fitness journey. Davis, who serves as SCG’s in-house nutrition coach, believes that a bad diet cannot be out-trained. “I saw how much my life changed when I incorporated good nutrition habits into my life,” says Davis. “So I’m really just sharing with others what has worked for me and helping them find ways to navigate through their own habits and behaviors to build a lifelong relationship with nutrition.” All new members can enjoy their first one-on-one meeting with Davis for free.

When I told people about SCG, they liked the idea but didn’t see it fitting in their schedule. But on a whim, they dropped in for a class and now they’re a part of this community, too. I would encourage anyone who’s even a little interested to just try out a class. It’s crazy how you can find time for something when you love it, believe in it, and find it valuable! And your health is definitely worth finding time for. — Rachel Endsley, Member at SCG Fitness

Interested in joining SCG? Reach out through their website or give them a call. Your first gym session is free. Try it out, talk to members, see if SCG can help you reach your 2022 health and wellness goals.

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