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More than 400 students from Pajaro Middle School are now learning in makeshift classroom setups at Watsonville’s...

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The Pigeon Point lighthouse at night, with the Milky Way in the sky above

Frank Drake, the namesake of the famous Drake Equation and a giant in the field of the search for extraterrestrial life, died last year in Aptos. On April 17 at the Rio Theatre, daughter Nadia Drake — a graduate of Aptos High and UC Santa Cruz who’s an accomplished science journalist — will host “Whispers From Other Worlds,” an event sure to be bursting with the spirit of her father’s life’s work. Wallace Baine catches up with Nadia Drake in his Sunday column.

INTELLIGENT LIFE HERE ON EARTH: Bad Animal’s grand ambitions to become the world’s next great bookstore

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The time machine works! We can now settle the Second Amendment question once and for all

An illustration of the Founding Fathers created by artificial intelligence

In light of the latest unthinkable school shooting, in Nashville, Daniel DeLong tackles the thorny issue of the Second Amendment by bringing the framers of the Constitution forward in time, and asking them for clarity. Read his latest Community Voices opinion piece here.

MORE FROM DANIEL: What NYT omitted about life in the Santa Cruz Mountains: Neighbors with chainsaws

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After three years of reporting on public safety in Iowa, Hillary joins Lookout Santa Cruz with a curious eye toward the county’s education beat. At the Iowa City Press-Citizen, she focused on how local...