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Rise and shine, Lookouters! It is Thursday, Aug. 18, and the forecast is a familiar one for Santa Cruz County: morning fog giving way to sun and 70s near the bay, mostly sunny and temps in the 90s in the hills.

Maybe you’re looking to dive right in and see what’s new on Lookout; if so, please do!
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Leading off is a report from the Benchlands area near downtown Santa Cruz, where city officials have begun the process of clearing the homeless encampment along the San Lorenzo River. But with advocates threatening a lawsuit and shelter capacity in flux, next steps are likely to be halting.

From Aptos, meanwhile, Rabbi Paula Marcus writes in a Community Voices opinion piece about her temple board’s decision to require students and staff at Temple Beth El’s preschool be vaccinated against COVID-19 — a decision that hasn’t been universally welcomed.

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Now, onward:

Beyond the Benchlands: Under lawsuit threat, Santa Cruz sets plan to clear homeless camp. What happens next?

The encampment along the San Lorenzo River on Wednesday.

Santa Cruz began clearing the Benchlands this week, but city leaders acknowledge that this could be a slow process depending on the number of shelter beds it can provide and the willingness of those in the encampment along the San Lorenzo River to relocate. Mark Conley and Thomas Sawano have the story.

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Jewish law requires COVID-19 vaccines, and so does Simcha preschool: We must protect the most vulnerable

Temple Beth El's Simcha preschool program is requiring all students, teachers and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Temple Beth El’s preschool program, Simcha, is requiring all children, teachers and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend the play-centered program in Aptos. Some families have objected to the temple board’s vaccine decision and have left the program. Rabbi Paula Marcus, the congregation’s longtime leader, argues that caring for the most vulnerable among us, and thus getting ourselves and our children vaccinated, draws directly from the commandment to preserve life — which the Jewish faith places above all others. Read her full Community Voices opinion piece here.

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