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To the editor:

The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds livestock barns that were critical during the CZU Fire evacuations might cease to be available for area family livestock during emergencies, depending on public input at the Fair Board July 19 Special Hybrid Meeting.

The CEO wants to demolish the hog and goat/sheep barns before the 2022 County Fair opens and put up tents for kids to exhibit animals during Fair. However, there would be no shelter for emergency evacuation use available in the foreseeable future.

The barns just received major electrical upgrades, funded with $441,700 State Prop. 68 grant public monies, wasted if they are demolished. The Monterey Peninsula Foundation just granted $110,000 to repair the barn foundations, and the repairs could be done before the Fair.

Ultimately, it depends on what the people want. Please speak up July 19 if emergency livestock shelter matters to you…otherwise, it could be gone by next month.


Becky Steinbruner
Aptos, CA