Election 2022: Santa Cruz County

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To the editor:

As a biracial woman in an interracial marriage, I built my home in this community because, in all my travels, I have experienced the least amount of racism in Santa Cruz. But I have been shocked at the part racism has played in the recent election for the 3rd District county board of supervisors seat.

The Black community refused to acknowledge Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson as a woman of color, and Justin Cummings refused to acknowledge Martine Watkins as the first Black mayor of Santa Cruz. All of this has been coming from within the community of color itself; racism directed from within is the most painful kind.

Did anyone question whether Barack Obama was our first Black president? Is he not, like Martine, a product of a white mother and black father? Mixed-race folks cannot be labeled Black only when it’s convenient politically. Leaders need to focus on unity and issues, and they need to give up the childish and dangerous obsession with shades of brown.

Laura Macleod