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To the editor:

Unfortunately, the title that Lookout chose for my letter to the editor unintentionally misrepresented my views and, more important, the reason for the appeal hearing for the large home design permit for the planned dwelling at 925 Windsor St. that is scheduled to take place at the Santa Cruz City Council meeting Tuesday at 1 p.m.

I (and 80-plus neighbors supporting the appeal) are in favor of large home developments in single-family neighborhoods (including in Seabright), as long as they comply with the city’s large home design permit single-family neighborhood zoning code guidelines. The reason we are appealing the large design permit at 925 Windsor is that it fails to adequately comply with the zoning code guidelines.

Approval of dwellings that fail to meet large home codes invite development of homes grossly out of character in size, architecture and scale with the homes in existing single-family zoned neighborhoods. Over time, this threatens to transform existing single-family neighborhoods from that of relatively quiet, private, sun- and sky-view rich environs into large-scale, urban-style environs. All residents are welcome to have their voices heard at Tuesday’s hearing.

Dorrie Melville
Santa Cruz