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Hello, everyone — this is the first issue of Lookout PM, which still has a healthy dose of COVID in it thanks to the Delta variant and a few other developments.

But the goal is to give you a wider PM look every weekday around the state and region as well.

To the headlines of the day we go…

State still highly segregated by race despite growing diversity

Credit: Via Pixabay

New research shows: Although the Los Angeles area has become more diverse in the past 30 years, it is barely more integrated today than it was then, and it remains the sixth-most segregated metro region of 221 studied. More from the LA Times here.

Summer dreams dry up on the Russian River

The Russian River, just north of drought-stricken Lake Mendocino in Ukiah, Calif. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

A paradise whipsawed by drought, flood and fire: This part of the Sonoma wine country has endured fire, flood, intense heat and lightning bolts the last five years. Now it faces ever-more severe water restrictions. More from the Times on that here.

An entire California town was without running water — in a heat wave


What happened? A rural Central Valley community is without running water during a heat wave, prompting authorities to haul in bottles and jugs of water to more than 700 people in Teviston. More from CalMatters here.

Now more than ever, a day at Disneyland feels like a journey to another world

The skinny from D-Land: The reservation system is daunting and without FastPasses, there will be lines. But surviving a day at the Disney parks has always been part of the fun. More from the Times here.

The new ‘Delta-plus’ coronavirus variant has been identified


What does that mean? It’s unclear whether Delta-plus is more transmissible than the original, highly transmissible Delta variant. Without more research, it shouldn’t yet be cause for alarm, experts say. More on that from the Times.

‘Long COVID’ is a risk for the unvaccinated

Motorists line up to take COVID-19 tests at at Long Beach City College-Veterans Memorial Stadium.
Motorists line up to take COVID-19 tests at Long Beach City College. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

What you need to know: Long COVID is one name for a puzzling syndrome that can afflict people who have been infected with the coronavirus. The symptoms can vary and come and go without warning, and long COVID can be “severely debilitating” for those affected, the CDC director said. More from the Times here.

Strange code on your COVID vaccine record doesn’t scan?

Covid 19 vaccine vocab_LA_thmb
Credit: File photo

California did that on purpose: QR codes on Californians’ digital vaccine records can only be scanned with a compatible device or app. It’s a security measure, officials say. More from the Times here.

I’ll be heading off the grid for a week, but my friends here at Lookout will have you covered.

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