Ilana Packer

Ad Sales Manager

Ilana Packer, our recently appointed Marketing Partners/Advertising Manager at Lookout, brings to the table a substantial track record spanning three decades in the advertising industry. Her career journey reflects a wide experience in advertising sales, encompassing both businesses and nonprofits. Ilana now combines that experience with Lookout’s spectrum of digital marketing tools. Her goal is accelerating Lookout’s pivotal role in promoting businesses and the work of nonprofits.

Ilana’s experience enables her to understand the many media choices her clients have and to match up their needs with the best targeted Lookout products.

Prior to joining our team, Ilana worked at Weeklys, the publisher responsible for Good Times, Press Banner, and the Pajaronian. Over her 18-year tenure, she served as a senior account executive. Before her time at Weeklys, Ilana served as the national and local sales manager with Clear Channel Communications in Salinas and San Jose, representing stations such as KDON, KTOM, and KFOX. She then worked as the regional and local account manager for Mapleton Communications, representing a variety of diverse radio stations, including KCDU, KPIG, and KHIP.

As a second-generation Californian and having lived in Santa Cruz County for 30 years, Ilana has nurtured an enduring passion for her community.

“Santa Cruz County is not just where I work; it’s where I live and thrive. I’m deeply invested in seeing our community flourish, and I believe that through strategic advertising, we can help local businesses achieve remarkable success.”



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