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Take our COVID-vaccine tier quiz to find out which vaccine tier you’ll likely fall under based on Santa Cruz County’s distribution plan.

As Santa Cruz County and the state begin doling out COVID-19 vaccine doses to frontline health care workers and nursing home residents, the obvious question is ‘Who’s next?’

Vaccine Watch

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In Santa Cruz County, there are roughly 275,000 people that need to be inoculated. Of that group, about 15,000 people fall under Phase 1a, which also includes dentists, pharmacy staff and lab workers.

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The county is deciding how to roll out the vaccine and who will get it first. For other public health decisions, it typically follows guidelines from the California Department of Public Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As the state continues to solidify who will get the next doses of the vaccine, Lookout has built a quiz based on current county tiers to help you figure out which vaccine tier you’ll likely fall under.

A caveat: The tiers here are still evolving, as they are in counties across the country. We’ll update this quiz if they change.

A comparison: The New York Times has developed a quiz using different parameters. If you want to take that quiz, click here.

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