Quick Take:

The storm system is now just slightly offshore, and as of now, the main rainband is expected to hit landfall around 4 p.m.

Santa Cruzans continue to prepare just hours before the heftiest rainfall is expected to hit the county. National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Brayden Murdock said that the “main rainband will likely come in around 4 p.m.”

“The winds are picking up now, and the storm system is just a little offshore,” he said.

Murdock added that, though the entire Monterey peninsula will get hit by the storm, Santa Cruz is likely to get more rain.

“Right now it’s looking like Santa Cruz will get around 2.5 inches and Monterey will get around 1.5 inches,” he said. “That said, there’ll be a lot more in the mountains, with some areas seeing 5 to 6 inches.”

Murdock said that the storm’s movement has slowed down a bit as it approaches the shore, but that isn’t particularly unusual. However, should that slower movement continue, it could cause some problems.

“It’s more concerning if it continues slowing down as it hits landfall,” he said. “A slower moving system means that more rainfall will hit the area before the storm passes.”

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