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To the editor:

I have volunteered three times to clean up the trash left by transients on the Corralitos Creek near Safeway. Yesterday I was astonished by the conditions of the creek and the blatant disregard for our natural resource.

The creek is not their home nor is it theirs to destroy. The creek is home to many plants, fish and animals which cannot co-exist in these conditions. We were unable to remove the remaining trash because the police department would not remove the trespassers. This creek will soon fill with rain and the trash will flow to the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, where it will float to our shores and be consumed by marine wildlife.

We need your help to keep our waterways clean for our kids, and generations to come. This is what the county’s stream care guide says:

“Streams, from large rivers to small creeks, touch the lives of every Santa Cruz County resident. More than 770 miles of waterways flow through the county, so no one lives very far from a creek, stream or river. By providing water supply, wildlife habitat, flood capacity, and aesthetic and recreation values, our waterways comprise an invaluable resource — but one that can be easily damaged by careless actions or improper land use.”

Best regards,

Robert Wall