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Here we are again on the verge of a stay-at-home order with all our great outdoor dining opportunities about to be put on hold. Fortunately delivery isn’t just for pizza and Chinese food anymore. Local establishments have dialed it in.

With a second stay-at-home order set to begin on Friday, the idea of getting supplies delivered straight to our door is very appealing.

We’ve all adapted to the pandemic reality in various ways, made sacrifices and grieved the loss of many missed things, but to give up completely on the joys of great local food and drink would be a shame.

And not good for those great places we need to stick around.

Luckily, our food community has also adapted, shifting gears from dine-in to take-out and delivery. The best option to get the goods, and support our local economy, is to choose to pick up straight from the business curbside, or to order from a place that offers to deliver directly on their own.

Many third-party services like DoorDash, UberEats and GrubHub are thriving here now, and can facilitate quite a bit of convenience. But they take a huge cut of the restaurant’s profit margin so they are barely breaking even.

Here is a cheatsheet for the next time you don’t want to venture out, but can’t quite shake that craving for empanadas, gourmet Thai, fresh craft beer — and everything in between.


Diego Felix working his magic
Diego Felix working his magic Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz


The lowdown: Chef Diego Felix and his wife Sanra Ritten are behind Colectivo Felix, the avant garde culinary project — “Culinary Troubadors” is how they identify themselves on their website — that wanders the world putting together memorable meals. These days, they are simplifying their focus to empanadas, using organic local ingredients and offering a myriad of flavors for delivery. “Empanadas are a comfort food in Latin America, and we are all in need of some comfort right now,” says Diego. “As a cook, empanadas are fun, each is its own little culinary universe.”
How to get: Deliveries in the Santa Cruz area are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also pick up from their Westside location at Kelly’s Bakery Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Tuesdays and Saturdays are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Price includes free delivery to Santa Cruz, Live Oak, Capitola and Soquel. Other areas can email info@colectivofelix.com to set up a date request and add an additional fee of $3-$20 at checkout.
Place your order 👉 Here


The lowdown: These two co-owned quintessential Pleasure Point go-tos, kitty corner from each other, hit all the bases. The East Side menu is diverse and sure to please pretty much anyone (Don’t miss the Foggy Goddess salad), and the Pleasure Pizza offerings (including the free bacon addition to slices ordered by kids) need no explanation. Both menus are available for delivery.
Details: Delivery in Santa Cruz area: $3 delivery fee. Delivery after 5 p.m. daily
Place your order 👉 Here

Far West Fungi
Far West Fungi Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz


The lowdown: This family-owned and run mushroom farm is a gem to have at our fingertips, promoting the culinary exploration of exotic cultivated fungi and products made from such. The farm is down in Moss Landing while the crown jewel store in San Francisco is in the Ferry Building, but most recently, we now have our own spot right on Laurel Ave. downtown, the Santa Cruz Mushroom Store.
How to get: Delivery via USPS or at the store.
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The lowdown: This excellent female-owned, Thai comfort food business offers a weekly menu to order from (made by a Manresa-trained chef using well-sourced ingredients) with various local pick-up locations and delivery every Sunday. All food comes chilled, with reheating instructions, and will not disappoint.
How to get: Place your order online between Sunday at noon through Wednesday at 3 p.m. (or until sold out), for delivery the following Sunday between 9 a.m. to noon. $10 delivery fee.
Place your order 👉 Here


The lowdown: A very popular place on Pacific Ave., was still bustling as we approached the second stay-at-home order since the street is shut down to traffic and allowing wide outdoor seating. But the lengthy menu of pizza and pasta and salads and even bake-at-home pizza kits for kids, is also available for delivery now…very tempting.
How to get: Delivery in Santa Cruz using ChowNow, a direct to customer service that does not take a cut from the restaurant. Delivery fees vary.
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The lowdown: These sister BBQ joints are well-loved for craft beer selections, live music (once upon a time) and a wide selection of smoked, grilled, saucy meats.
How to get: Delivery in Santa Cruz and Aptos areas using ChowNow, a direct to customer service that does not take a cut from the restaurant. Delivery fees vary.
Place your order 👉 Mission St. here and Aptos St. here.

Mutari Chocalates
Mutari Chocalates Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz


The lowdown: How lucky are we to have a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in our town? This is the real deal, the place to find high-integrity, ethically-sourced and impeccably-crafted chocolate of all forms…to sip, to nibble, to bite, to crunch. The brownies are not-to-be-missed.
How to get: Delivery in all parts of Santa Cruz with a $20 minimum order, $6 delivery fee. Delivery until 6 p.m.
Place your order 👉 Here


The lowdown: The two young fishermen friends who launched this sustainable seafood company are passionate about connecting the public to our healthy, local fisheries and about ocean ecology. They have also created an awesome, convenient way to get fresh seafood and many other local farm products, like veggies and eggs, straight to your doorstep. It is essentially a build-your-own bonus CSA.
How to get: Sign up for email notifications, sent out on Tuesdays about what has been caught and harvested. Then visit the online store to select items for delivery later in the week. Deliveries to Santa Cruz and Monterey counties on Fridays. $7 delivery fee, free delivery for orders over $100
Place your order 👉 Here’s where you sign up; here’s where you buy shares.

Mustardy Green Beans and Kale, Sprouted Walnuts and Preserved Lemon
Mustardy Green Beans and Kale, Sprouted Walnuts and Preserved Lemon Credit: Via Golden Roots

The lowdown: This meal prep service, based in Scotts Valley, creates nourishing dishes made with local produce and lots of intention.
How it works: Mostly plant-based, the menu is sent out via email every week for you to choose from, then available for pick up or delivery early the following week. They also collaborate with other local producers, like Hanloh Thai and Anuenue Juice, with add-on items to round out the offerings.
Sign up and place your order👉 Here

The lowdown: This meal prep service, focusing on Keto, Vegan and Paleo diets, allows you to choose how many days per week you would like food delivered straight to your doorstep, and then let them do the rest. This would be perfect for your New Year’s resolution plan.
Sign up and place your order 👉 Here



The lowdown: The hippest craft brewery around is this one on the Westside. Slick design, nice decor, easy breezy vibes. And the beer is so good too. Their free delivery service, to a wide radius of zipcodes, is a no-brainer. I’m ordering beer right now as I type this.
Details: Free delivery to all of Santa Cruz County and parts of Santa Clara County: $30 minimum order, no delivery fee
Place your order 👉 Here


The lowdown: This long-time coffee shop and roastery has several local satellite locations, including a few drive-through kiosks (if you are a parent, you know how appealing this is) and offers fresh beans and house-made baked goods.
Details: Delivery in Santa Cruz area and Scotts Valley: $10 minimum order, no delivery fee. Delivery from 6:30 a.m. to noon daily
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Emily Thomas with arms full of SCMB goodness.
Emily Thomas with arms full of SCMB goodness. Credit: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz


The lowdown: The pioneer of craft beer in Santa Cruz, this Swift Street spot is all organic and a very nice place to waste some time on a sunny afternoon. But now SCMB is also offering delivery for us hiding out at home. This month, you can even get their advent calendar of beer, 24 individually gift wrapped 16oz. cans, dropped right at your door.
Details: Delivery in Santa Cruz for a $30 minimum order, free delivery over $100. Delivery until 8 p.m.
Place your order 👉 Here

Don’t Forget the Wine!

Pretty much every local winery (we have a lot of them) will ship wine, and do so as part of their regular sales. Why not support our amazing winemakers by ordering direct from them, and shipping a few bottles to your door? Same goes for our wine shops, like Bad Animal and Soif. They will send you wine, which will certainly be better than what you might pick up at the liquor store on your way home. Plus there won’t be a need for the full COVID-armor and waiting in line.

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