We believe in American democracy and the power of local communities to better themselves. We know that high-quality, trustworthy, non-partisan and connect-the-dots local news reporting is essential to the strengthening of those communities and our country in the 2020s.

Acting on that belief, we’ve created Lookout Local.

Lookout is an emerging network of, digital-only, mobile-first, editorially robust, intensely local media outlets offering community-centric news and resources.

The company’s network of websites will serve small to mid-sized markets, repopulating news and advertising deserts with modern, vibrant news products.

Lookout Santa Cruz, the company’s first site, launched in November 2020. Its parent, Lookout Local Inc., is a public benefit corporation whose fundamental mission is to serve its communities with a new and higher standard of news, information and community engagement.

Contact Us

Newsroom: news@lookoutlocal.com

Membership services: membership@lookoutlocal.com

Marketing partnerships: alex@lookoutlocal.com

Reprints and Permissions

Lookout Local Inc. requires permission before any material — including, but not limited to, text, photos or videos — that is published in LookoutSantaCruz.com or any affiliated Lookout website can be reprinted. To obtain information about reprints and permissions, contact CEO Ken Doctor at ken@lookoutlocal.com or Executive Editor Chris Fusco at chris@lookoutlocal.com.

Corrections and clarifications

Our first responsibility: to get things right. Factual accuracy is a gating principle of all our work. Given the speed on that work, and the nature of journalism itself, inevitably, we will make errors. We want them to be as small as possible — and to learn from them — and to correct and clarify any errors or murkiness as soon and as clearly as possible.

Readers can notify the newsroom of potential errors by emailing news@lookoutlocal.com. Any Lookout employee who receives a report of an error should notify both the journalist responsible for the story and an editor at the earliest opportunity.

Factual errors in stories should be corrected promptly, but not before:

  1. A discussion between the correspondent, his or her supervisor and the executive editor is had;
  2. A determination is reached that an error did indeed occur, and
  3. That the remedy is, in fact, correct.

In the course of breaking news, facts from authorities can often change and require updating; such cases require judgment calls as to whether to call out those situations as corrections/clarifications — or to simply update stories to reflect the changes as they unfold. We will make these calls fairly, to best advance reader understanding.

Meet the team

Wallace Baine is Lookout’s City Life Correspondent, covering arts, music and culture, as well as the people who make...

Mark Conley is the Deputy Managing Editor for Lookout Santa Cruz.

Ken Doctor is the Founder and CEO of Lookout Santa Cruz and its parent company, Lookout Local Inc.

Dan Evans is the Executive Editor of Lookout Local, bringing with him more than two decades of local news and journalism...

Ashley Holmes (she/her) comes to Lookout Santa Cruz with six years of Santa Cruz County partnership and communications...

Tulsi Kamath works as a consultant and writes Lookout Santa Cruz’s flagship Morning Lookout newsletter.

Kevin Painchaud is a professional photographer. He has shot for various publications for the last 30 years.

Mallory Pickett is the Environmental Correspondent for Lookout Santa Cruz.

Alex Sibille is the Director of Community Partnerships at Lookout Santa Cruz.

A chef-turned-journalist, Neil has a track record for covering the hospitality industry and local businesses.

Amber Selene Turpin is a freelance food and travel writer based in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Jed Williams is the founding Chief Revenue Officer for Lookout Santa Cruz.