What to do for New Year’s Eve? Watch KPIG’s live Coffis Brothers show

The Coffis Bros
The Coffis Brothers
(Courtesy the Coffis Bros)

One of Santa Cruz’s most popular bands will be hosting an on-line live show to help New Year’s revelers celebrate while sheltering in place

Whether it’s a nostalgic nod to the way life used to be for the music lovers, or a harbinger of a better day ahead, the folks at KPIG (107.5 FM) will be spending their New Year’s Eve in their happy place — with live music. And they’re inviting all of Pig Nation to the party as well.

At 8 p.m. on Thursday, KPIG will welcome the Santa Cruz-based folk-rockers the Coffis Brothers Band, featuring the singer/songwriter sibling duo Jamie and Kellen Coffis. The band will play live in a free show, to be simulcast on KPIG, the station’s website and its YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Advice from KPIG’s station manager Laurie Roberts for this shelter-in-place virtual show is to dress up, mix up your favorite adult beverage and enjoy the show. “Just pretend you’re at a really great show,” she said, “except you don’t have to wait in line for the bathroom.”

The Coffis Brothers — the band also features guitarist Kyle Poppen, bassist Aidan Collins, and drummer Sam Kellerman — have not performed in front of a live in-person audience since the original pandemic lockdown in March. Despite being cut off from their touring schedule, the band did produce and release a new album titled In the Cuts, produced by Mother Hips frontman Tim Bluhm.

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Thursday’s live show, to be broadcast from the Coffises’ home studio in the San Lorenzo Valley, is free to access. But there will be opportunities to donate to the musicians, or to a fund to help those displaced by last August’s fires. The show will last until around 9:30 p.m., Roberts said.

“People don’t have any place to go or anything to do on New Year’s Eve,” said Roberts. “So we figured we’d give them something to do and give it to them early enough so that everyone could join in.”

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