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300 employees by 2030: K&D Landscaping is hiring and embracing new green technology

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The landscaping industry has come a long way in recent years with new technologies emerging in all aspects of the field. However - Justin White, the ambitious 32-year-old CEO of K&D Landscaping, sees many green companies ignoring the opportunities that these technologies can bring. His vision is to embrace them as a way to propel his company into a richer customer and employee experience.

Going green: Streamlining business management systems to reduce carbon footprint

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Katie Dauphin, K&D Landscaping’s Maintenance Administrative Coordinator
(K&D Landscaping)

K&D recently implemented new HR and management software programs into their standard operating procedures. One example is Aspire, a cloud-based business management software where customers can access a portal and receive estimates, view the progress of their project, pay their bill, and more. Katie Dauphin, K&D’s Maintenance Administrative Coordinator, led the implementation of the program and offered some additional insight:

“As a mother of four, I understand the demands of running a family and the importance of finding efficiencies in the daily tasks.”

We are more accurate in our estimates, are able to give clarity in the services we provide to our clients, have increased productivity in our maintenance routes, and cut material costs by finding the best price possible. All of these upgrades pass savings onto our clients.”

— Katie Dauphin, K&D’s Maintenance Administrative Coordinator

These new systems are key ingredients in supporting the company’s effort to become more efficient and client-friendly, empower employees and provide overall greater employee and client satisfaction. It will also greatly reduce the business’ carbon footprint.

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Fernando Duran, K&D Landscaping’s Human Resources Manager
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Now with a paperless estimate-to-invoice process and digital paystubs, K&D will be saving approximately 400 pages of paper a month (saving trees that can then be planted!) Fernando Duran, the company’s Human Resources Manager, excitedly shared,

“Every team member’s documents now live digitally on the secure platform. Before, an employee’s personnel file had on average about 25 pages. Now we have reduced that number to less than 5 pages per employee and all their documents are easily accessible from anywhere on the mobile application. The K&D Human Resources Department is still finding innovative ways to improve our employee experience and these integrations were just the start!”

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Programming irrigation controller
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Outside the office, the business has recently invested in new technologies such as advanced excavators and tractors, which allow the crews to be more efficient with smaller teams.

They also put a heavy focus on saving water by using smart irrigation. White elaborated,

“Instead of having to go out and adjust controllers every month, weather stations and Wi-Fi enabled models to allow for automatic adjustment and remote programming options.”

With California entering back into an extreme drought, the ability to adjust water by 30-50% during foggy days can really add up over time.

— Justin White

300 employees by the year 2030: Join the K&D family

Piggybacking off their newly implemented technology, K&D is forging ahead, even during a time of great economic challenges across the county. Almost halfway into 2021, the organization has already hired 25 new team members and plans to continue the trend.

K&D Landscaping
(K&D Landscaping)

In support of its “300 employees by the year 2030” goal, the expansion is aimed towards making K&D a landscaping staple from Santa Cruz to Monterey, and beyond. They want potential candidates to know that K&D is a “destination company,” one where you can grow, advance, and build a rewarding career.

K&D is currently looking for several exceptional individuals to join their growing team. Some of these open positions include a director of operations, commercial estimator, irrigation department leader, irrigation technicians, irrigation apprentices, and several other supervisors and administrative support. White explained they aren’t only considering applications with landscape experience,

We’re looking for the best people to join us, those who want to make a change, improve themselves and improve their community. Those who want to put their efforts into a greater cause and become part of a team that is the future of landscaping.

— Justin White

These new positions are geared towards helping the customer experience. Behind the lawnmower, leaf blower and tractor, K&D’s “internal tool shed” is focused on living the company’s core values and raising the bar, which seeds positive interactions that clients can see bloom. Unique to the industry, K&D invests back into the county with its Community Beautification programs, giving their employees a chance to be part of a greater purpose and helping those in need.

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Recently completed community enhancement project for student union at CSUMB
(K&D Landscaping)

Why should you care that K&D is growing?

It roots down to a shared community and planet. The larger the landscaping company, the more local jobs that are available, and the more trees and flowers that are being planted. The more trees and plants we can grow in the world, the better our quality of air, the caliber of environment, and overall homeostasis of the earth.

It’s small steps like these that can add up to big changes if we all join in on the cause. K&D is capitalizing on technology, hiring great people, building a vision for the future...and giving back to the community in the process. They are a company you should be excited to check out, not only to remodel your backyard but possibly a place where you could develop the next step in your career.

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