Get hip with the latest volume of Santa Cruz counterculture history

“Hip Santa Cruz, Vol. 6” is out now, and you can commune with the OG hipsters and immerse yourself in the local 1960s vibes with the writers at the Santa Cruz Art League on April 8.

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There’s a remarkable series of books on the rise of the 1960s counterculture in Santa Cruz, published by artist T. Mike Walker and former academic Ralph Abraham, who were both there to witness it all. And now comes a new volume of the series.

“Hip Santa Cruz, Vol. 6” is now unleashed on the world, with essays and contributions from various writers on the old days. All the OG hipsters will be out for the “Hip Santa Cruz” book event, happening this year on April 8 at the Santa Cruz Art League. All volumes in the series will be for sale at the event, and word is they’re compiling more material for “Vol. 7.” Long may they wave.

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