a flyer for the 2023 Afro Latine Festival
(Via Mi Gente)
City Life

AfroLatine Festival set to make splash on Santa Cruz cultural scene

Celebrating the cultural heritage of the Latine and African cultural diasporas and put on by Mi Gente, the AfroLatine Festival comes Sept. 16 to Santa Cruz’s Woodhouse Blending & Brewing.

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There’s a new festival on the horizon: It’s the first-ever AfroLatine Festival, celebrating the cultural heritage of the Latine and African cultural diasporas.

The event will unfold on Sept. 16 at Woodhouse Blending & Brewing in Santa Cruz and will feature a variety of arts & crafts, food options from Latin American traditions, and plenty of live music. The free event, the first of its kind in Santa Cruz, is a collaboration between Mi Gente and the Santa Cruz Art League. Look for more activity of this kind from Mi Gente, an organization dedicated to promoting the arts and culture of communities of color.