two boys
Jett shares a sweet moment with his brother Jack at the Jacob’s Heart Family Center last year. We hold Jett forever in our hearts.
(Jacob’s Heart)
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Jacob’s Heart provides critical support to children with cancer during the pandemic

Presented by Santa Cruz County Bank

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services exists to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and support their families in the challenges they face. They provide family-centered care that addresses the emotional, practical and financial struggles for families of children and teens during treatment, families experiencing anticipatory grief, and those who are bereaved. Their free services are provided by Family Support Specialists, volunteers and licensed family therapists to families living in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, and South Santa Clara counties.

Imagine hearing the words: “Your child has cancer.” You can’t comprehend what the doctors are saying. They tell you treatment may last for years. The emotional impact is staggering. Your future plans and the dream of a healthy child are lost. You contemplate how to get through each passing day, worrying about your other children. Financial worries multiply. Nobody gets it. Where do you turn?

For the past 22 years, Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services has addressed the financial, emotional, and existential challenges faced by families enduring the unimaginable. Sadly, no one could have imagined the further trauma the COVID crisis would inflict on the medically fragile children and their families.

man holding child
Emma and her daddy pose for a photo at Camp Heart + Hands, a much-needed respite during Emma’s battle with brain cancer.
(Jacob’s Heart)

The role of a primary caregiver for a seriously ill child is already complex, time consuming, and financially and emotionally exhausting. These burdens are now being exponentially exacerbated for all families by the pandemic. However, families who were low-income prior to diagnosis, families with lower levels of education, single-parent households, and families with additional siblings, are at much higher risk of experiencing a life-threatening crisis in the wake of COVID.

woman and child
Cole and his mother, Linda after his life-saving brain surgery many years ago. Cole, now an adult, volunteers at Jacob’s Heart to support others like him. Linda now serves on the Jacob’s Heart Board of Directors.
(Jacob’s Heart)

Jacob’s Heart is here to help. The #1 priority at Jacob’s Heart is keeping families of medically fragile children housed, fed, emotionally supported and fully informed during the pandemic. Jacob’s Heart has implemented a laser-focused plan to meet these needs in the wake of COVID by:

  1. Providing ongoing counseling and psychotherapy from professional counselors trained in complex grief and trauma so seriously ill children and their families will feel safe, supported and loved.
  2. Helping with rent and living expenses to keep medically fragile children safe in their homes during and in the wake of COVID.
  3. Delivering fresh, nutritious bags of groceries and vital supplies ensuring parents don’t risk their health going to the store.
  4. Providing safe, door-to-door rides to critical medical appointments.

Santa Cruz County Bank was here to help as well. Last March as Jacob’s Heart canceled all fundraising events, the needs of children with cancer and their families were increasing by the day. It was a relief when the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) became available.

We quickly learned that our choice to bank with Santa Cruz County Bank would provide even more relief. Working on PPP with a local, community bank with whom we had a long-standing relationship, has proven immeasurably helpful as their team walked us through each step of the PPP process. The team at SCCB has become part of the Jacob’s Heart team, mutually dedicated to improving our local community.

— Lori Butterworth, Founder and Executive Director, Jacob’s Heart

As Jacob’s Heart knows, and research confirms, a charitable gift to a local nonprofit yields far more direct impact than a donation to a large national organization. Local donors and local nonprofits are able to develop trusted relationships to mutually create meaningful, lasting impact. The same is true for shopping, investing and banking locally. Especially in times of crisis, community matters.

Little kid
Alvaro playing some tunes at Art from the Heart, an expressive healing program at Jacob’s Heart.
(Jacob’s Heart)

Become a part of Jacob’s Heart community:

  • Visit to make a donation and learn about remote volunteer opportunities.
  • Ask your employer about gift matching and charitable payroll deductions to benefit Jacob’s Heart.
  • Follow Jacob’s Heart on social media: Facebook -; Instagram - @jacobsheartkids.
  • Call the Jacob’s Heart Family Center - 831-724-9100.

More about Santa Cruz County Bank

Santa Cruz County Bank is a leading lender in the county, region, state and nation. Most recently, the Bank ranked in the top 10 lenders in the San Francisco District of the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for both the number of loans and the dollar amount of SBA loans. The San Francisco District runs from Santa Cruz to the Oregon border along the coast and includes all Bay Area counties.

The true value of community banks has been demonstrated throughout the pandemic.

When the CARES ACT Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was first announced, Santa Cruz County Bank’s employees sprang into action to develop a secure portal for pre-applications before the program was rolled out by the government. Their early response made it possible for business owners to get in the queue for funding to keep their employees on the payroll and their businesses operating during the pandemic. In hindsight, it was a race against time.

Click here to see how the Bank’s employees worked around the clock to secure PPP funding for local businesses before funding ran out to help local businesses retain over 36,000 jobs and counting.


Santa Cruz County Bank has the resources and lending capacity to help bring your business to the next level. We look forward to continuing to assist in the recovery and reopening of local businesses. We are here for the community with all our heart and soul.