WATCH: Drone footage shows how surfers came to aid of young, capsized sailors

Surfers race toward young, capsized sailors at the mouth of Santa Cruz Harbor on Sunday.
(Courtesy Geurin Myall)

If the wave that breaks off the Santa Cruz Harbor didn’t attract some of the area’s most knowledgable surfers, things might’ve been much worse when small boats with young children capsized there Sunday afternoon.

A group of kids on tiny sailboats ended up in the wrong place at the mouth of the Santa Cruz Harbor during the largest northwest swell in recent memory Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately for everyone, a group of the area’s most experienced surfers happened to be only yards away and knew exactly what to do.

As the drone video being shot by local videographer Guerin Myall shows, all the surfers had to do was ride a wave a short distance inside or paddle to get to the children who had capsized.

From there, they helped them get back to land and minimize the damage of being so close to the jetty rocks with overhead shorebreak waves baring down.

Here’s the view from inside the harbor where crowds gathered to watch the chaotic scene.

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