Letter to the editor: Don’t shut out light rail — vote no on Measure D

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To the editor: As the first woman in the U.S. to start an insurance company, I know a bit about executing on a vision that others don’t yet see.

I believed in nonprofit organizations and their ability to safely and effectively serve our communities, even when providing care for vulnerable children and frail elderly. The entitled old guard said it could never be done. Then and now, they worked to undermine our success and keep the benefits of this effort from those who need it most.

For 32 years, using a cooperative model, the nonprofit insurer I started and headquartered in Santa Cruz, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance, has succeeded and now insures 23,000 nonprofits in 32 states. That’s why I am so bothered by the matter of Measure D.

I now urge every voter to turn away from the naysayers and share my vision for light rail in Santa Cruz. This has been studied thoroughly, resulting in green, efficient electric passenger rail being selected as the preferred transit choice by the Regional Transportation Commission in February 2021.

Many of the entitled old guard are trying to distract you from a better vision for the future. I say, don’t listen to those without vision — those hoping to foreclose the opportunity for light rail in Santa Cruz. The future belongs to those who can see the possibilities. No on D!

Pamela Davis
Santa Cruz