Letter to the editor: ‘M3 is one of our finest civic leaders’

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To the editor: Mark Conley’s article profiling Mark Mesiti-Miller (M3) reports allegations that Mark might have some financial interest in the outcome of Measure D. The insinuations are reprehensible. If Mark says he has nothing to gain then he doesn’t. M3 is one of our finest civic leaders. Even hinting at impropriety by him is wrong.

Anyone who knows Mark will attest that there is no more honorable, honest, disciplined and dedicated citizen. He doesn’t know how to lie or obfuscate. End of discussion.

The allegations would be laughable except that this kind of charge is what discourages leaders like Mark from getting involved to make Santa Cruz County better. Whether you support or oppose Measure D, you should support Mark.

Douglas P. Ley
Santa Cruz
SCHS ‘69