Letter to the editor: Stop wasting money on trains; fund Metro and Measure D

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To the editor: I spent 15 years driving a bus for Santa Cruz Metro; I believe in public transportation!

During my time behind the wheel, I observed constant fiscal instability. It was feast or famine — expansions of service always followed by layoffs, depending on which way the political winds blew.

As a former bus driver, I’ve been greatly troubled to see millions of transit dollars wasted on years of rail studies while Metro suffered.

A bus is much more agile than a train, and with proper funding has the potential to solve the first-mile/last-mile problem that plagues any transit plan.

An integrated system of a trail plus an expanded and fully funded Metro will serve the broadest range of people and go far to relieve Highway 1 congestion. Please vote yes on Measure D.

Dee Vogel
Santa Cruz