Letter to the editor: Rail cost is too too high, but let’s stop the personal attacks

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To the editor: Thank you, Wallace Baine, for such an in-depth article on Bud Colligan, local philanthropist.

I don’t know Mr. Colligan or his wife, but I do attend Jewel Theatre, which makes its home in the Colligan Theater, where I first became aware of the name.

I’m a yes on Measure D voter. The cost per passenger mile is in the stratosphere. I’ve known that for years (among other reasons).

There are much less expensive options for addressing the Highway 1 parking lot. And with Colligan, Scott Roseman and Rowland Rebele — eminently successful businessmen — supporting yes on D, I feel even more confident my vote is the right one.

Last … could we please stop the personal attacks? I’ve already lost one friend who prefers personal attacks to examining the overall financial reality, even when I invited her to do so with me.

Sandra Cohen
Santa Cruz