Letter to the editor: Renovated Simpkins pool is not accessible for many

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The pool at Simpkins Family Swim Center recently reopened after months of renovation, but now there is no longer a portable lift available for people with physical limitations to use for the large pool. There is a stationary lift and steps available in the shallower end. Nothing available for use in the deeper section of the pool, which is divided by a floating divider.

This has resulted in individuals with physical limitations resorting to either avoiding classes such as deep-water aerobics or attempting unsafe and physically compromising strategies to get in and out of the pool. Sometimes this requires physical aid from others, which endangers both the person and the helper.

Pool management responds to complaints saying they are in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, and they are doing the best they can.

This situation is not acceptable and clearly is not only illegal, but a disgraceful way to treat citizens who have the right to access this public facility.

Cheryl Hanley
Santa Cruz