Letter to the editor: Thank you for a great interview and let’s protect Dr. Oderman

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To the editor:

Thank you for Jody Biehl’s interview with Dr. Laetitia Oderman, who is truly a local hero.

As one of Dr. Oderman’s many appreciative patients, I’ll add that she’s not only a principled champion of women’s health and dignity, as you make clear, but also an exceptionally skilled, devoted physician. Our community is a better place for her presence.

I always feel I have Dr. Oderman’s full attention, and that we are happy collaborators in service of my wellbeing. Like most practitioners in the corporate-medicine world, she’s overworked and plagued with bureaucratic headaches — yet it’s obvious that she loves her patients and her work. I’m grateful to the husband and children who so generously share her with the rest of us.

Dr. Oderman acknowledged that she’s a potential target because of the reproductive services she provides. Nothing I’ve heard in these treacherous times chills me more. Disagreement about abortion is one thing; that someone as caring as Laetitia Oderman has to worry about her own safety and that of her family because of the social sickness surrounding such disagreements is beyond the pale.

Let’s do everything we can to support Dr. Oderman and all those who go out of their way to take good care of us.

Sarah Rabkin
Soquel, CA