Letter to the editor: Community Health Trust of Pajaro Valley must help buy Watsonville hospital

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To the editor:

We need to buy Watsonville Hospital.

The Community Health Trust of Pajaro Valley was created through proceeds from the sale of Watsonville Community Hospital to a private entity in 1998. Over $13 million was placed into a trust to benefit the health of the residents of the Pajaro Valley. This trust has done well, and funds now total over $19 million.

The Health Trust Board is now in the unique position to use these funds as intended by the trust formation — to truly benefit the health of our community by releasing the $13 million of the original sale to help buy back our hospital. This will assure health care access for our residents.

The purchase is in jeopardy; we could lose 600 jobs and the entire health care system of Santa Cruz would be overwhelmed if we don’t complete the purchase of the hospital.

Let’s put the trust on the right side of history!

Marcela Tavantzis