Letter to the editor: City must tell unhoused to ‘abide by the rules, or move on down the road’

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To the editor:

One. Overdose. Death. A. Week. Let that sink in, from a recent Lookout report of there being “at least” six fentanyl-related ODs in the Santa Cruz Benchlands since July.

Homeless advocates are threatening another lawsuit to stop the city-sanctioned drug slum from being closed; where is the lawsuit against city leaders for aiding in the deaths of on average more than one overdose per week?

The people squatting in the former city park will be the first to tell you they do not want to move into a shelter because “it has rules.” Well, that is fine if they don’t want to go to a place providing shelter because of rules, but the city leadership needs to stand up and give them the option of a shelter with rules (all of us living in a functioning society live with rules, like it or not) or to leave our town.

Make it really simple: Abide by the rules, or move on down the road.

Brent Ruhne
Santa Cruz