Letter to the editor: Residents’ viewpoints are missing in coverage of changes to downtown

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To the editor:

I am concerned about the little information residents have and really don’t understand about the city’s objective standards, related to all future building in Santa Cruz.

This is so important, yet no one I know is aware of the many changes the city staff will be presenting to the council next week. Their new standards are confusing and convoluted and should be discussed more by the community for a clearer understanding before they are passed.

Your publication has been lacking, as have all others, in covering this from the residents’ point of view. We know well what the city wants and what the developers want, but are residents fully aware of what these changes will be and how they will affect us?

Query a few readers about this topic and find out how little understanding of objective standards exists, and then please cover this story of major changes that very few are aware of.

Shelley Hatch
Santa Cruz