Letter to the editor: I’m glad my 8-year-old grandson has an Apple watch

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To the editor:

My 8-year-old grandson just got a watch phone. It has five phone numbers he may call. His parents are divorced so each of their numbers are listed. Both of his grandparents and one good family friend are also available to call. We are all thrilled with the fact that he may contact any one of us if he needs. If one of his parents is a few minutes late at school pickup, he can call to make sure someone is coming.

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After being homeschooled due to COVID-19, I’m sure many children feel a bit anxious being “out in the world” again. My grandson is among them. And with all of the school shootings, many parents feel vulnerable. This slender thread connecting my grandson to the people who love him makes all of us feel better.

Claudia Sternbach