Letter to the editor: Fred Keeley has the experience, track record Santa Cruz needs in a mayor

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To the editor:

On Nov. 8, we have an opportunity to elect a mayor of Santa Cruz with the experience, leadership and track record of getting things done. That candidate is Fred Keeley.

Santa Cruz is at a crossroads. We have big problems to face: housing, homelessness, the effects of climate change on our community and more. These are incredibly tough issues and in order to make progress, we need a leader who has experience getting legislation passed at the highest level in the state, who has developed valuable relationships through the years that can help bring resources to our town, and who has the skills to steady the ship in Santa Cruz.

Fred is the only candidate with these qualities.

Fred has also garnered an astonishing and unprecedented number of endorsements from all parts of the city. This makes Fred uniquely positioned to bring people together and restore confidence in city government.

I value the wisdom and patience that comes with years of experience, and know these qualities are what the city needs right now. I, for one, am grateful that Fred has chosen to run.

Please join me voting for Fred Keeley on Nov. 8.

Rachel Dann
Santa Cruz