Letter to the editor: Reelect Yvette Brooks to Capitola City Council

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To the editor:

On Nov. 8, we should reelect Yvette Brooks to Capitola City Council.

Over the past four years, Yvette has been a tireless advocate and leader, including successfully shepherding the city through an unprecedented pandemic during her tenure as mayor.

She has prioritized families and children by building a strong relationship with the school district, advocating for more robust programs for youth and adults through the parks and recreation department, supporting a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products and allocating funding for repaving our streets. She has also created better and safer bike and pedestrian pathways.

Yvette has worked to preserve and protect our green space and beaches, helped secure $300,000 to build an inclusive park and $250,000 to purchase a green street sweeper, and she has supported efforts to secure state and federal funding for the Capitola wharf redevelopment.

Over the past four years, her leadership has served to bring people together and build confidence in our local government, resulting in an impressive number of people and organizations from all parts of the city endorsing her campaign.

I value the combination of experience, personality and passion that Yvette brings to our city council. She represents the young families such as my own, which are struggling to maintain a foothold in our increasingly expensive coastal community. She understands the importance of maintaining and enhancing economic vitality, while also providing high-quality community services and amenities for those of us who live here every day.

Please join me voting for Yvette Brooks on Nov. 8.

Matt Orbach