Letter to the editor: Progressives vs. centrists? Let’s all agree that city councilmembers need higher pay

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To the editor:

Debra Feldstein accuses a vague group as being “antisemitic” and hypocritical without naming names. How to respond to such broad statements?

If I respond, that means I somehow identify with this amorphous group. For the record, I am not part of any group at the moment, save my church.

“Progressives” are many in Santa Cruz County, and I have argued that they are not terribly well organized.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of post-election cooperation, I will state that I share sentiments with Feldstein that city councilmembers should be paid better, with paid staff. (This has been on the “progressive” agenda for some time, and elements of this plan have been blocked by “centrists” who consistently say it is an “honor” to serve on the council.) There. Our values align, Debra. Let’s get this done!

I believe it is fair to define “progressives” and “centrists” in order to communicate at all. A progressive in my mind is someone who is willing to question the neoliberal economic policies that have created many of the crises we see today. That means caring about campaign financing and campaign finance reform, setting limits on corporate hegemony and refusing cruelty to those who suffer most from the system.

Ami Chen Mills
Santa Cruz