Letter to the editor: Coonerty’s suggestions drip with irony

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To the editor:

Ryan Coonerty’s suggestion that voters look beyond citizen initiatives and instead collaborate more drips with irony.

As outgoing District 3 Santa Cruz County Supervisor, Coonerty — in an unprecedented move — introduced a request to the board of supervisors in August to endorse the opposition to Yes on Measure O. In fact, his agenda item was listed without discussion. Now, that’s collaboration.

His request rightfully was met with vigorous voter pushback. He withdrew the item.

Better to cap the donation allocation to local measures — the playing field will be more level. And out-of-city corporate businesses, like the developer and real estate companies who contributed numerous $10,000 and $12,000 checks to oppose Measure O, won’t be allowed to muscle their way into our city and county.

Bob Morgan
Santa Cruz