Letter to the editor: Lookout’s headline on Cummings’ historic win was disappointing ‘nonsense’

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To the editor:

For the first time in Santa Cruz history, a Black man has been elected to the county board of supervisors. Yet the most recent “news” from Lookout has a headline that reads, “A progressive won the District 3 supervisor race after trailing for nearly two weeks. How?” This article suggests Justin Cummings won only because cynical, “low-information” procrastinators cast last-minute ballots, choosing a name they vaguely recognized.

I am not surprised that people who campaigned against Cummings are using their platform to insult his supporters, but I am shocked Lookout would publish such nonsense.

Neither Ryan Coonerty nor Mike Rotkin are psychologists, and neither conducted exit polls. They have no data to support their claim that late voters are disinterested procrastinators. Some of us Cummings supporters voted late because we were researching the differences between Propositions 26 and 27 and studying the Proposition 30 debate.

The condescending and insulting tone certainly doesn’t make me want to take a metaphorical bath with Coonerty (someone with the privilege of a family legacy and intergenerational wealth who has made a career ignoring poor and working people and then blaming them when they clamor for increased recognition). And it doesn’t inspire me to subscribe to a publication that can’t simply celebrate a hard-fought battle resulting in a historic decision.

Stacey Falls
Santa Cruz