Letter to the editor: After storm evacuation response, a thank-you to Metro heroes

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To the editor:

Now that the devastating atmospheric storms of December and January are behind us, I want to thank the Santa Cruz Metro drivers, dispatchers and supervisors who stepped up to evacuate people from flood- and mudslide-prone areas in North and South counties. Evacuations require a high level or collaboration and trust. Metro is truly grateful for the dedication and energy shown by employees who navigated challenging weather and road conditions.

Metro salutes the following employees: Nathanael Abrego, Candis Almanza, Erik Berg, Ron Bushnell, Paul Camacho, Ronald Catley, Manny Diaz, Miguel Escarcega, Mario Espinoza, Jesus Heredia, Leo Herrera, Oscar Herrera, Veronica Hoover, Robert Krause, Jesse Mendoza, Rodrigo Mojica, Manny Perez, Todd Pinsky, Brenda Roman, James Sandoval, Bryan Sauceda, Mark Saunders, Mary Sells, Patrick Sepe, Nicolas Serrano, Chris Sullivan, Lizz Thompson, Ruben Valdez, Noah Vasseur and Mark Vazquez.

The historic storms we experienced in Santa Cruz County, unfortunately, were driven by climate change. It’s likely we will have to endure these kinds of storms again, and possibly sooner than we think. In addition to proudly providing public transit every day in Santa Cruz County, Metro is also committed to being here for our community as an emergency response resource.

Michael Tree
METRO CEO/general manager