Letter to the editor: Why do we keep enacting laws that punish the poor?

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To the editor:

I was outraged to hear that Pajaro River levee repair for the past 20-plus years did not meet our government’s base judgement for repairs based on cost/replacement value of the homes threatened. Way to go, U.S. government.

In every way possible, our local and state and federal governments have endorsed policies and laws that had a negative effect on the poorer members of our society (think of building and housing) to the benefit of wealthier members of society.

Is it time for us all to write our Jimmy Panetta about introducing legislation to change this parameter for levee fixing and other expenditures to include population numbers and agricultural damage of affected areas?

Probably fewer than 100 homes on West Cliff Drive and over a thousand in Pajaro. And $1 billion of crops? Please write Panetta (about changing the government rules for fixing infrastructure away from value of homes to numbers of people affected) by filling out his email form.

Thank you.

Johanna Bowen
Live Oak