Letter to the editor: Can we all act with a little more kindness?

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To the editor:

Today, one of my husband’s business partners is being transported to a hospital in San Francisco hoping for a heart transplant. He is one of three partners in a business in Pajaro. Since the flooding, it has been a nightmare. They are trying their best to meet customers’ needs while attempting to work in a building that was totally flooded. They are exhausted and stressed.

Yesterday, one of them went out to his truck to catch a bit of rest and had a heart attack. I am not saying the stress caused it. I am saying that none of us can see how much stress a person might be experiencing.

Homeowners are stressed. Renters are stressed. Customers are stressed. Can we all remember that and react with kindness and support rather than anger and frustration? It might make a world of difference in everyone’s day.

Claudia Sternbach