Letter to the editor: What a cowardly, far-right extremist letter to Good Times about Watsonville drag story time

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To the editor:

As someone active on TikTok and as a creator and content “consumer,” I want to clear up misconceptions about this platform. It is not just a platform for teens, pranks and dance videos. Political and activist TikTok users (and they are legion) receive “real time” content about what is happening in state legislatures and school boards across the nation via live and same-day videos.

We knew about massive gun control protests and the two remarkable “Justins” out of Tennessee days ahead of mainstream media reporting thanks to TikTok.

Because of this hyperlocal, timely reporting, we also understand that “Moms for Liberty” and their affiliates are active in California — Temecula is one hot spot — and the far right, including current Ron DeSantis supporters, were behind the recall of San Francisco school board commissioners and the district attorney.

See this open letter from one recalled commissioner and active TikTok creator.

We have now all witnessed the dehumanizing and violence-provoking tactics of the now-extremist GOP in a cowardly, anonymous letter to the Good Times about a drag story time in Watsonville.

Be aware that Christian nationalist campaigns are in no way limited to red states. The call is also coming from inside the house. Be vigilant, Santa Cruz County.

Ami Chen Mills
Santa Cruz