Letter to the editor: Don’t be afraid to rescue and adopt a gamecock — mine is the ‘sweetest’

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To the editor:

Many thanks for providing helpful information and for educating the general public about the important topic of animal fighting.

I would like to share with you, though, that I adopted a gamecock from Hen Harbor bird rescue, and he is the sweetest guy that I have ever met. He is super friendly with humans, especially with the little ones, and he is extremely gentle with the hens. He eats out of my hand and often offers the blueberries that I give him to the hens to eat.

He is rather shy and definitely not aggressive. It has been such a great experience to have him be part of my flock. He is not dangerous and makes a wonderful addition to my other rescued birds.

I wanted to share this experience with you so people are not afraid of adopting roosters, especially the gamecocks that will be territorial with other male birds but do NOT pose any threat at all to humans or the hens.

Thank you,

Nicole David
Half Moon Bay