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Letter to the editor: Let’s celebrate Capitola kindness

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To the editor:

Random Acts of Capitola Kindness (RACK) completed its second project over two days last weekend (July 21-22), when a team of local volunteers rebuilt the coastal barrier on Depot Hill. We’ll hear from other community members on what an improvement the new wood fence is compared to the austere 8-foot metal cage it replaced. And we will also hear praise for RACK and city staff working together, so I’ll speak briefly to what would have been without RACK’s founder, Gerry Jensen, and the volunteer crew.

Bidding on the repair wouldn’t have started until the fall. If we were lucky, we might have seen a new fence around 2024, at a significantly higher cost to the city.

Instead, the public and the private collaborated on a shared interest, and — with encouragement from a locally focused organization — citizens came together to improve their landscape, the city engaged with them, and our town grew a little stronger.

John Mulry