Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Let’s please maintain respectful tone on Cabrillo name change, ex-state Sen. Monning writes

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To the editor:

While serving as Santa Cruz County’s state senator (2012-20), I dealt with many controversial community issues. Concerning the current Cabrillo College renaming effort, important perspectives have been brought forward, at times contentiously. Whether one supports keeping or changing the college’s name, I encourage participants to maintain a respectful and civil tone — in the end, such decorum will bring more credibility to those advancing heartfelt positions.

I applaud those who have voiced their positions in a respectful manner. In a principled conflict-resolution process, it is more constructive to advance support for your position than to challenge the integrity or intentions of the opposition. I personally believe that the current renaming process can add value to the educational mission of the college and can benefit all residents in building a more intentionally inclusive college community.

I encourage participants in this important discernment process to exercise passion and compassion while affirming the core principles upon which the college was founded.


Bill Monning