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Letter to the editor: Cabrillo, prove you have name change support

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To the editor:

In addressing the name change proposed at Cabrillo College, board members remarked that their timing was wrong and the board moved to delay the vote for the change. That comment translates to “we had no idea how much pushback we would receive and we need to do a heavy sales job on the community.”

It is true that the Cabrillo board is completely out of touch with our whole community on this issue. A petition from 100 people does not a movement make.

It is estimated that the cost for this change is between $400,000 and $600,000. If the board thinks it has this support, then the money should be raised from local sources only. No outside money should be used to make such a change. Do a three-month campaign. If you can’t get the money from the community, then you have the answer about community support.

Outside grant money solely dedicated to these sorts of issues does not belong on a divisive issue such as this.

Put the name change on the ballot, let the community have a voice.

Wayne Palmer