LeTa Jussila: I think microdosing should be legal: Let’s fight depression and anxiety with ancient medicine

Dr. LeTa Jussila believes “magic” mushrooms could be key to helping us escape depression, alleviate anxiety and migraines and overcome trauma and PTSD. Produced by Jody K. Biehl Shot and edited by Kevin Painchaud Lookout Santa Cruz

LeTa B. Jussila is a doctor of acupuncture and traditional Asian medicine and a national wellness expert who works with patients to achieve health care goals. She received her doctorate from Five Branches University in San Jose, a master’s in traditional Chinese medicine from Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz and a bachelor’s in policy studies from Syracuse University. She grew up in Massachusetts. She uses genetic testing, lab work, clinical experience and the Chinese medical paradigm to help her patients increase productivity and live the lives they desire.